Existing Industry Program

In Western SC, we want companies to move here & stay here. Our experienced team works to cultivate relationships with our industries. Western SC’s Existing Industry Program’s sole mission is the support and retention of industries in Western SC. Our experienced staff is only a phone call or click away.

Available Services & Resources

Below is just a sample of the resources and services offered by Western SC’s Existing Industry Program. Contact our Existing Industry Director today to learn more.

  • Annual Regional Compensation & Benefits Survey 
  • Customer & Supplier Identification 
  • Expansion Assistance & Incentives 
  • Government Liaison 
  • Human Resources Group 
  • Marketing Programs 
  • Networking Events
  • Research
  • Workforce Initiatives

Annual Regional Compensation & Benefits Survey

Compensation Report Sample

Our annual survey is administered by Western SC in partnership with Augusta Regional Development Authority, Columbia County Development Authority, and McDuffie County Development Authority. The compensation part of the survey is annual with the benefits portion added every other year. Participants’ identifying data is removed and the data processed to insure anonymity.

The Regional Compensation & Benefits Survey helps participants to gauge:

  • Starting pay
  • Salary & Wage comparisons
  • Compensation Practices
  • Benefits (insurance, etc.)

Participating industries use this survey report to add benefits and increase wages to improve labor force retention. Contact us today to learn how your industry can participate.


Local Industry Resources

If you’re an industry in the Western SC Region and would like to learn more about our program, contact our Existing Industry Director.

Available Sites & Buildings

If you’re thinking about bringing your business to South Carolina’s Western region, we’re ready to accommodate you with a broad variety of existing facilities and ready-to-build sites.